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Antique Hallmarked Bedihi Silver beads and Mediterranean Red Coral necklace

Written on August 31st, 2014 by verono shouts

Gorgeous necklace made of antique beads of silver and Mediterranean red coral. A total beauty! The silver beads are Antique Yemeni Bedihi beads. The Bedihi family was one of the most famous of Yemeni Jewish jewellers in the last two centuries. Their exquisite granulation work, the berry beads and the dugag cylinder beads show the expertise of these jewellers. The main dugag beads are all hallmarked by the artist. All Yemeni  jewels  hallmarked are from before 1940.
It´s a lovely design with a lot of historical information and great value, as antique red coral is always raising its price. This necklace can be worn by women or men also, it´s long enough!The beads of coral are originary from the marine fields around Sicily, Antique

Mediterranean Red Coral is untreated and undyed. In the times of the Levante trade, Yemen used to receive red coral as payment for the coffe beans, as well as Maria Theresia Thaler.  The culture in Yemen gives a huge value to the Red Coral,  it has been used on the traditional jewels for centuries, as part of the marriage necklaces also. It´s a symbol of protection, fertility and against the evil eye. The coral beads on this necklace are around 150- 200 years.

Measures are: length 107 cm, weight 102 grms, beads are 3,4 cm height.




Antique Central Asia Silver Fire Gilded Necklace.

Written on September 21st, 2012 by verono shouts

One of a kind pieces from my collection,  a wonderful  Old Silver Necklace, probably coming from North Afghan Uzbek group.  This piece has been made in the first half of the XX century.

 This piece has an amuletic value. Central Asia women have the pre-islamic tradition of carrying amulets to protect themselves. Also jewellery has an enormous financial importance for the women and refers to her status on the society.

The colorful glass backing in burgundy colour, and the center of the pendant with false granulation can be classified as   Kazak style. The fire gilding applique in all the pendants, made with gold dust, gives the piece a superbe elegant style.

Measures are:  134 grms, total length 66 cm. The big central pendant is 6cm by 7 cm width.

Price is 860 euros.   

If you are interested in this piece, please contact me at:


Antique Mediterranean Coral, Yemeni beads and Silver Hamza Necklace.

Written on October 18th, 2011 by verono shouts


Beautiful necklace made mixing different antique beads. The berry beads are antique Bedihi yemen silver, and the red coral is antique coral from the Mediterranean Sea. The coral is around 150- 200 years old, undyed, untreated  and with a bright orange carmin colour.In the times of the Coffe Trade in the Levante area, Yemen used to receive italian red coral and silver Maria Theresia Thaler as payment for the trade of  coffe beans. The port of Mokha was the main port in the Tihama area,  where the coffe was planted and harvested. The red coral in Yemen was used as part of the dowry, being part 0f all traditional jewels worn on marriages, and later in special occasions like a new baby born. It had high value since ancient times as a symbol of protection and fertility.

The silver hamza was sourced from South Morocco and it´s beautifully engraved, showing hebrew sacred script.

Length with the chain 48 cm.  Weight 103 grms.   The hamza measures 6,5 cm by 4,5 cm.SOLD, THANK YOU ESZTER!







Antique Metal Lazem Necklace from Yemen.

Written on October 12th, 2011 by verono shouts

   Traditional lazem necklace from Yemen,  beautiful old bedouin metal piece from North Yemen.  This style of jewel was part of the dowry given to the bride before her marriage. In this case is made of  mixed metals. As they are heavy pieces, not all the families afforded to buy it in silver, so there are examples of traditonal pieces in metal.

Excellent quality of workmanship.

Weight 240 grm, height 13 cm, total length without the chain 23 cm.



Antique Hamza Silver Wedding Necklace from South Morocco.

Written on October 11th, 2011 by verono shouts

  Spectacular antique wedding necklace from the Tiznit region in South Morocco.  It´s made of silver with enamel deco and antique glass beads. Some parts of the enamel are faded due to  the age of the piece. The coins date from the 1321 Hegira, circa 1900.  More pics available.

Weight 173 grms.   Unique collector´s piece.




Rare Antique Yemeni Silver and Black Coral Necklace.

Written on September 26th, 2011 by verono shouts

 Beautiful engraved deco with flower patterns and small red coral beads on the coins. The black coral beads are antique and original from the Red Sea.  They are very rare and appreciated in Yemeni Traditional Jewels as they protect the wearer from the evil eye. The pendant shows three small dangling pendants with the hilal moon and a star on it.

Unique ethnic piece from Yemen.    Weight  70 grms.  Lenght 43 cm with chain.


For Sale- Antique Coral and Silver Hadrami Yemeni Necklace

Written on September 22nd, 2011 by verono shouts




I´m pleased to offer this antique gorgeous necklace from  the East Yemen, Hadramout.

This beauty is made with Red and Black coral beads, combined with a variety of antique yemeni silver beads. The silver pieces are from the early XX century.

The Red Coral beads are Mediterranea antique coral from the sea fields around Sicily, they are untreated and undyed. The colour is delicate salmon.  This beads of coral have around 100 to 150 years.

The black coral  beads are antique and very appreciated in yemeni  jewelry. This beads are rare, and they have a special decoration made with silver inlay.

The chain is made of pure silver. Stunning handmade jewel and extremely good workmanship. One of  kind piece.



For Sale – Antique Sanaani Bedihi Silver and Amber Necklace

Written on September 20th, 2011 by verono shouts



I´m pleased to offer this Antique Bedihi  Silver Beads and Amber Necklace from Yemen. The Bedihi family was one of the most famous jewish silversmith  from Yemen, in the XIX  and early XX century.  Their filigree beads, and the way they applied the granulation technique is really exceptional.

This family emigrated to the Holy Land around the beginning of the XX century till the 1949.

This piece is really unique,  shows the Bedihi famous weaved filigree beads and six beautiful amber beads.

The pendant is a classic Hebrew design of a flower, made with filigree and granulation  detail.

Weight 81 grms. Length 43 with chain.

Price 290 euros.

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Antique Bawsani Red and Black coral Silver Yemen Necklace, Hallmarked.

Written on September 20th, 2011 by verono shouts


This is a stunning Antique jewish silver necklace from Yemen.  Early XX century. This piece has the hallmark of the artist on the back of the Hirz Amulet. (Photo)Totally handmade in the Bawsani filigree technique, by the best silvermiths in Sana´a.The beads of Red coral are antique  Mediterranean coral, from the marine fields around Sicily, undyed and untreated.  This  coral is aproximately 150- 200 years old. The black coral is antique and sourced from the Red Sea.  Collector´s piece.



For Sale – Stunning Antique Bedouin Silver Black Coral Necklace

Written on September 12th, 2011 by verono shouts

    I´m pleased to offer this antique bedouin silver and black coral necklace from Yemen. All the beads are from the early XX century. It shows an excellent quality of workmanship.

 Beautiful talismanic piece used as symbol of fertility.

All black coral beads are antique and decorated with silver inlay. This Red Sea black coral is antique, rare to find and very appreciated in Yemeni Jewellery.

Beautiful piece for collectors.

Weight 75 grms, Length 41cm.


Stunning Enamel Silver Necklace with Berber Hamza from South Morocco.

Written on September 9th, 2011 by verono shouts

The hamsa hand (Arabic) or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye, used in both jewish and islamic populations.

I´m pleased to offer this original berber Hamza necklace  from the Anti Atlas region in south Morocco.

Beautiful beads with enamel deco and excellent quality of workmanship.

One of a kind piece.

  •     Length 47 cm. Weight 114 grms    SOLD THANKS!!

Antique Shabk Bawsani Silver and Coral Yemeni Necklace.

Written on August 24th, 2011 by verono shouts







Bawsani Red coral and Silver filigree necklace. Antique unique piece from the earlies 1900´. Hallmarked.  This is an example of the most delicate workmanship from Yemen, always related to jewish jewellers.

 Stunning filigree (shabk) detailing and antique red coral from the marine fields around Sicily, in the Mediterranean  sea.  Weight 70gs.  Height of the pendant with dangling  beads 7cm. 

Sold thanks!!



For sale- Antique Bawsani Jewish Silver Yemen Necklace.

Written on August 24th, 2011 by verono shouts

Antique Yemeni Bawsani Filigree Silver Necklace restrung.

Beautiful Bawsani array of hollow dangles, created by stamping silver sheet into molds, and then soldering together. The Bawsanis´ were one of the most famous and appreciated jewellers from Yemen in past centuries.

This piece is decorated with genuine antique Mediterranean Coral.

Excellent quality of Jewish silversmithing.  Weight 50 grsm, Height 6cm.

 Sold to Ulrike!! Thank you!!


For sale- Antique Silver and Red Coral Yemeni Necklace.

Written on February 15th, 2011 by verono shouts






Stunning antique Jewish Yemeni necklace from the early XX century. Beautiful combination of silver beads, and natural antique Red Coral from the Mediterranean sea.  The coral beads are sourced from Yemen and they are the currency received by the coffe traders in Yemen in the times of the Trade on Levante.

The central piece is called Ktub, it´s a talisman and used to carry cabalistic texts to protect the wearer.    SOLD.



For Sale- Antique Silver Mashtata Yemen and Agate Necklace.

Written on December 13th, 2010 by verono shouts

 Antique traditional Mashtata Silver Necklace from Yemen.

Beautiful central pendant with natural Yemeni agate, and two talismanic kutub with dangling hamzas.  Excellent quality of workmanship for this early XX century piece.




Antique Mashtata Lazem Silver Jewish Necklace from Yemen.

Written on October 22nd, 2010 by verono shouts

Lazem or mashtata Bawsani coral and silver necklace. Early XX century. Hallmarked.

See similar necklace: The Yemenites. Two thousand years of Jewish culture. page 134.  Muchawsky-Sch napper. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


For Sale- Antique Arabic Labbeh Chain Necklace from Yemen.

Written on March 1st, 2010 by verono shouts


     I´m pleased to offer this antique Labbeh  Arabic Bedouin metal  necklace from Sana ´a,  Yemen.   This beautiful  necklace is worn around  the neck and it´s formed by many parts chained up with each other.

The result is a glittering surface, that moves permanently with the head movements, and aims to chase bad spirits. This necklace was part of the dowry that the woman receives in the ocassion of marriage.   Unique traditional  jewel from the beginning of XX century.

Weight:  202 grms. Height 11 cm.

Price 130 euros.