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Turkoman and Cornaline Silver and Gold Dust Ring.

Written on September 3rd, 2013 by verono shouts

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Gorgeous antique ring from Turkmenistan. Handmade in pure silver and fire gilded, with gold dust.

The cornaline stone is engraved with a mytic image, perfectly done intaglio.
We can appreciate the gallery wire technique, traditional in Turkmen jewels.
One of a kind piece, lovely to wear or to add to your ethnic collection.

Huge Kazakhstan Old Double Silver Ring.

Written on August 24th, 2013 by verono shouts



Huge Spectacular old Kazakhstan double ring.


This unique and rare jewel is a vintage piece made  of silver and  decorated with fire gilding.  The design shows little flowers made with gold powder, and  a mix of turquoise with red coral beads.  The technique used on the sides is gallery wire, really nicely done by the artist.

Excellent quality of workmanship.  One of a kind piece, an item not to miss in your ethnic collection.


Beautiful Antique Turkoman Silver, Cornaline and Turquoise ring.

Written on October 5th, 2012 by verono shouts
















Rare and unique Turkoman silver ring from the early XX century.  Beautiful romboid design decorated with beads of turquoise and cornaline.  It´s a rare piece, beautiful item in any collection.  Due to age, if you look at the second photo, there´s a little cut on the silver left side.   The measures:   weight  18 grms, size 9.



Antique Central Asia Silver Fire Gilded Necklace.

Written on September 21st, 2012 by verono shouts

One of a kind pieces from my collection,  a wonderful  Old Silver Necklace, probably coming from North Afghan Uzbek group.  This piece has been made in the first half of the XX century.

 This piece has an amuletic value. Central Asia women have the pre-islamic tradition of carrying amulets to protect themselves. Also jewellery has an enormous financial importance for the women and refers to her status on the society.

The colorful glass backing in burgundy colour, and the center of the pendant with false granulation can be classified as   Kazak style. The fire gilding applique in all the pendants, made with gold dust, gives the piece a superbe elegant style.

Measures are:  134 grms, total length 66 cm. The big central pendant is 6cm by 7 cm width.

Price is 860 euros.   

If you are interested in this piece, please contact me at:


Turkoman Hamza with agate bead.

Written on September 11th, 2012 by verono shouts

Here we have a gorgeous actual turkoman jewel made of  alpaka, agate and turquoise beads.

The hamzas or named, they are used as a protective symbol for the women and also for the houses. Hamzas  have been used as a talisman since ancient times by all the Mediterranean communities. It´s a shared symbol for jewish and muslim population.

Measures are 7,5 cm by 5 cm. Weighs 23 grs.