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Old Ethnic Silver Yemeni Armlet.

Written on September 3rd, 2013 by verono shouts




















Gorgeous Ethnic silver piece from the North Yemen.

This beautiful armlet has been made in the North of Yemen, by jewish jewellers. I personally sourced this piece in Sanaa,  capital of Yemen.

Exquisite engraved work with vegetal designs, traditionally present in all Yemeni Jewish pieces.
I dont clean the patina on my pieces, but I got this one just as you can see it now, shiny showing the excellent quality of the silver.
Silver in Yemen was mainly obtained by melting Maria Theresia Thalers, the silver coin used for trade in the Levante route, in XVIII century. Yemen traded coffe beans with Italy, Austria, from Mokha port and received red Mediterranean coral and Maria Theresia silver thalers.
All the jewels created for wedding celebrations were made meltings these coins.

Rare piece, excellent quality of workmanship.

The bracelet has a little hit on the internal circle. See pictures please.

Measures are: Weight 65 grms.
Widht: 2,5 cm.
Inner diam. 7 cm/ 3 inches.

Price is 290 euros. 

Superbe Antique Yemeni Hadrami Bedouin Bracelet.

Written on February 29th, 2012 by verono shouts

Superbe Yemeni Antique Bracelet from the East of Yemen, the region of Hadramout.  The geometric style of the deco is classic from the region. On the top and the sides, three prominent buttons, very common on Bedouin pieces.

Is made of  brass showing a beautiful  wheat  colour. This bracelet was collected in the region of Wadi Doan on my last trip to Yemen.  The age of the piece I estimate can be more than 60 years, it  certainly shows signs of being worn.

The bracelet weighs 295 grms, and it measures: inner diameter 6 cm,  width 7 cm.


Spectacular Bedouin Antique Silver Bracelet from Yemen.

Written on October 24th, 2011 by verono shouts



I´m pleased to offer this rare beauty sourced in the Tihama region, West Yemen. Circa 1940´

Excellent  gallery wire work and granules  handmade over a silver lamina. The decoration is red antique coral, present in the bedouin jewellery as they believe it protects the wearer from bad spirits. The coral is  from the Mediterranean  sea.  Original  piece with very good quality of  bedouin workmanship.

 Weight 123 grms, internal diameter 5,5 cm, width 6,3 cm.



Antique Silver Bedouin bracelet from West Yemen.

Written on October 24th, 2011 by verono shouts

A fine and very rare antique silver Bedouin bracelet from West Yemen. These pieces are very rare and missing in many collections.  This sample is made of silver and nicely engraved.  It has a beautiful patina and it´s in  excellent condition.

See similar design in  Silver Speaks, traditional Jewellery from the Middle East. Page 7.  The widest part at the end measures 4,5 cm  and the interior diameter is 5.5 cm. Weighs 66  grms.


For sale- Berber Pair of Antique Silver Bracelets. Anti Atlas, South Morocco.

Written on September 9th, 2011 by verono shouts


I´m pleased to offer this beautiful antique pair of silver berber bracelets from the Anti Atlas region in  Morocco, circa 1930´.

The decoration is very refined, there´s some remains of niello deco and  enamel in yellow and green. This pair shows an exquisite quality of engraved work with flower motifs. The center stone is an antique glass in black colour.

High quality of silver, very smooth and nice patina.

    •   Weight  99 grms, internal diameter 5 cm by 6 cm.

  On hold.


For sale- Antique Yemeni Silver Shumaylat,1930´.

Written on January 27th, 2011 by verono shouts

Shumaylat, Sana´a 1930.

Elaborated shumaylat bracelet made in Yemen.
They were part of the outfit of the Jewish bride and new mother, given to the bride by her father as dowry or by her betrothed as a wedding gift.
Fashioned in Sana´a foremost Jewish silversmiths, they were among the finest example of Yemenite filigree work (shabk).
This bracelet is made of pure silver and shows some coral detailing. It´s decorated with a dense filigree net over a smooth base. Finest webs of  filigree combine into rossette motifs, with clusters of granulation.


For Sale- Bedouin Antique Silver Armlet from the Tihama, Yemen.

Written on December 13th, 2009 by verono shouts
Bedouin Antique Silver Armlet from the Tihama Yemen.

Bedouin Antique Silver Armlet from the Tihama Yemen.

I´m pleased to offer this spectacular antique silver bracelet or armlet, made in the West region of Yemen, the Tihama.

Delicate handmade work showing an excellent quality of workmanship. The design remembers a snake, beautifully decorated with engraved detail.You can change the measure and wear it on your upper arm, or as a bracelet. It looks great in both ways.

Unique piece of bedouin silver  jewellery from the early XX century.
 –  Weight 59 grms.
 –  Internal diameter 7 cm.
 –   Pure Silver.