Collector´s item.

Rare old gunpowder bottle from Tiflalet area near the Sahara.
This  impressive piece belonged to a Saharaui basha or chief, and it has around 60 to 80 years old.
The caravans in this area have been present since the year 700, as Tilflalet has been the crossing area for Mediterranean products , exchanged for salt, ivory and slaves from Guinea, Ghana, Sudan.

This gunpowder is made of brass, it may contain few silver. It shows tribal patterns on the back and beautiful engraved work on the front.
The chain is old and very thick.  The closing top is made of cedar wood.
It has a little open side from age on the left side of the bottle.

Unique collector´s piece.

Measures are: Height total:  49 cm.
Bottle height: 23 cm.
Widht: 2,5 cm.
Weight 500 grs.    Price 180 euros.