Gorgeous necklace made of antique beads of silver and Mediterranean red coral. A total beauty! The silver beads are Antique Yemeni Bedihi beads. The Bedihi family was one of the most famous of Yemeni Jewish jewellers in the last two centuries. Their exquisite granulation work, the berry beads and the dugag cylinder beads show the expertise of these jewellers. The main dugag beads are all hallmarked by the artist. All Yemeni  jewels  hallmarked are from before 1940.
It´s a lovely design with a lot of historical information and great value, as antique red coral is always raising its price. This necklace can be worn by women or men also, it´s long enough!The beads of coral are originary from the marine fields around Sicily, Antique

Mediterranean Red Coral is untreated and undyed. In the times of the Levante trade, Yemen used to receive red coral as payment for the coffe beans, as well as Maria Theresia Thaler.  The culture in Yemen gives a huge value to the Red Coral,  it has been used on the traditional jewels for centuries, as part of the marriage necklaces also. It´s a symbol of protection, fertility and against the evil eye. The coral beads on this necklace are around 150- 200 years.

Measures are: length 107 cm, weight 102 grms, beads are 3,4 cm height.