I have been travelling through the region – called Arabia Felix or Happy Arabia by Roman soldiers –  for several years. My adventures have taken me into many souks far and wide, and i have developed good personal contacts with trusted antique dealers in the region.

Quite often this has lead to me find unique and rare items not available to the passing visitor. These pieces you will now be informed about as only my customers hear about them.

It’s always important to have the full, interesting story behind your jewelery when someone asks you, “what is that you are wearing.it is amazing?!” so I will also send to you an informative guide, written by myself,. that will help you discern the key attributes of genuine antique arabian jewelery.

On this website i provide information about the many different styles of jewelery i find on my travels. I also provide information on pieces that i offer for auction on my ebay store. I also have many private clients for who i locate very special and rare pieces of jewelery which are of antique quality.

To sign up to my private clients list and receive lots of information about Arabic jewelery and invitations to view the private client collection please click here

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