Amber Silver Yemeni Ring.

Silver and Amber Ring.


Amber and Silver Yemeni Ring

Amber and Silver Yemen Ring.
















Here we have a rare antique Silver ring from North Yemen sourced in Sanaa, Yemen.

This ring shows the exquisite Jewish Bedihi granulation work, handmade in high grade silver. The silver used in old Yemeni jewels comes from melting Maria Theresia Thaler, the old coin used widely on the Levante Trade.
The amber bead is Yemeni Sheij Amber, one of the most exquisite amber from the Arabian Peninsula and usually used only by Sheijs.
This ring was part of the dowry given by the groom to the bride on the wedding day. It protects her against the evil eye.
All Yemeni Jewels are used as talismans by the wearer.

Rare piece to add to your collection of ethnic jewels.

Size 7US, 17,5 mm.
Gms 11.